Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Dumbing Down

A fledgling poet,
I learn slowly but surely
to pare down,
to say only what must be said.

In that vein, I search for a word
to summarize the ills of our world.

I find it in menticide,
the systematic undermining
of a person’s beliefs, attitudes, and values.
It comes from the Latin for ‘mind killing’

As Walmart and X Box replace
market and entertainment,
Starbucks and You Tube replace
neighborhood and community,
computer and television replace
conversation and reading,
We become one close-knit world of idiots.


David C. said...

The best advice I can give a "fledging poet" is contained here.
Also, I feel I was remiss in not including you among the inaugural recipients of the Manly Blogger Guy Award. I hope you will forgive my oversight and accept the MBGA now.

E. M. Atwater said...

Aww garsh, thanks, Buddy! I'm not sure I'[ve ever done the plunger thing, but I sure like the look! And I am honored and humbled by the MGBA, I'd like to thanks all the little people who...

David C. said...

You're welcome, and feel free to pass on the MBGA to other bloggers--or not. In the world of the Manly Blogger Guy, we do what we feel like doing, when we feel like doing it, unconstrained by female supervision.