Monday, April 06, 2009


Todays was 'something missing', so here goes...


Joni was dead right;
don’t it always seem to go
that you don’t know what
you got ‘till it’s gone…
At the risk of waxing philosophic or
getting all Ciceronian on ya,
truth is,
I miss the hell outta him.
and the funny thing
or maybe not
depending on perspective
is that his reticence to believe
in the hereafter kind of
bleeds into my fears over time;
I pray he’s OK even though I know
he is.
Pop or not, a person in your life
who always believes in you no matter what
is a gift beyond measure.

This was my first swing, I didn't like it as much...

Something missing

The thing is;
Is it missing or is it not?
Ephemeron is hard to measure.
Try as I might I cannot help but play
what if, and believe myself capable;
there are many things that could have been.
Don’t cry over spilled milk, yes,
but what about milk
still in the glass
but never drunk?
At night it is so much easier to
agonize over things that,
by daylight,
seem nothing more than preludes to a dream.
Finally, I must confess that I am blessed,
and to not be happy with that
would be a terrible mistake.
Even so,
what if?

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