Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Love and Anti-Love

Love Songs

Not one from our generation
got it quite right,
not even the very good ones:
More Than This, She Sells Sanctuary,
not even Moon Dance.
Now truth be told,
Paul Brady came real close
with Not The Only One.
When I emailed you the lyric,
you came home and asked
if I was trying to seduce you;
I’d call that a pretty good song.

Love Removal Machine

So many ways and all of them bad;
ignorance, vanity, anger, embarrassment,
confusion, ego, insecurity, instability, inability,
stubbornness, pride, fatigue, booze, dope, religion, tradition;
Any of ‘em can suck the magic out of love
faster than you can imagine;
blink and you’ve missed it,
like a one horse town at highway speed.
Some say that the little things don’t matter all that much;
“It ain’t like a guy on a fast horse would notice,”
My Montana raised Mom likes to say,
but love is a long, slow ride,
and the devil’s in the details.

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