Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Market Watch...

Ah the markets…

Investors are “nervous and scared,” the markets tumble, is there an end in sight?!?!?

Yeah, there is, it’s called common sense.

I saw a cartoon in the latest New Yorker that showed a couple talking at a party, and one of them says, “Well, limiting Wall Street bonuses might stifle creativity, but if they get any more creative I’m afraid we’ll go bankrupt.”

That about says it right.

Investors are nervous and scared? They fucking better be, if they’re not, they need to put some serious work in on their investing skills…

When it comes to the markets and Wall street, I quote, Rhett Butler; “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn…” Can’t you hear the markets crying; “But Rhett, where will I go, what will I do?!” I. Don’t. Give. A. Damn.

The immediate responses that come to mind stem from my former profession, take your pick, markets;

Have a nice day, somewhere else, or

AMF, YOYO, (Adios Mother Fuckers, You’re On Your Own)

You have had decades of decadence, years of excess, trillions of waste and greed, illegal, immoral and improper support from countless administrations and congresses, and what have you provides US during all that? Are most Americans better off for your presence and activities? Is our country better off? Is our government better off? Is our industrial base better off? Is the world better off? Is the earth better off?

Rhetorical, I know; the answer to all is a resounding ‘No’. So who or what is better off? The few, the privileged few, the wealthy, the fat cats, the Captains of Industry; just them.

Does what happens to you impact me? Yeah, it does, I grant that.

Because it does, do I want to help you out, bail you out, make it right, shore up the walls? No, not in the least.

From GM to AIG, General Electric to Nabisco, to all of you fuckers in between who have screwed the working people and the country and the earth to line your pockets, I say the following; Go fuck yourselves; die, you gravy sucking pigs. I don’t have a dime for y’all. Jump out of windows, sell pencils from a tin cup, fade away to whatever mysterious Caribbean country you’ve stuffed all your ill gotten booty into.

And when the scum are gone, let us begin anew. Let us again find out what we can do, all of us, one by one and then together. If the industries are gone, let’s be smart and build new ones. It’s a world market, and we’re world citizens and capable, smart, tough, resilient people. What does the world need and want that we can do and make? We’ve risen from the ashes before and ended up better, let’s just do it again.

Truly, it is the tough times that make us change; we never come through the other side the same as we were.

We come out better.

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