Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Redaction Redux

Ok, well, Monique read my farts blog AND my farts redaction blog and...

She pointed out yet ANOTHER failure in my perception:

Fact is, because of her efforts, our home, inside and out, is a veritable garden; we have plants everywhere and plenty of 'em. Some, even inside, are large enough that it can be said that we coexist, rather than just "Have plants," and yes, one of them IS named Seymour and yes, he is taking over the kitchen, (I wondered about that escalating food bill and where a few of the 17 year olds friends had gotten off to...).

In any case, I am required to point out that these efforts of Monique's definitely counteract any and all emissions on my part and therefore have already rendered me environmentally neutral.

neutral, not neutered...

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