Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Cats are Trout

Say whut; you ask? Trout are like cats? I know, now you think I’ve been eatin’ the Nepeta Cataria, but it’s true. I determined this by years of study and a sudden burst of inspiration, provided by my boy cat, Becky, (Never mind, it’s a long story), cruising around below me. He’s down below the chair now, doing the circular pattern around my ankles, trying to figure out if I will pet him, feed him, or let him out: Ever seen a trout patrolling a pool, waiting for bugs to come by? Just like that...

Just look at all the similarities;
They’re both predators.
They both live predominantly to eat and procreate.
When they’re not eatin’, they’re chillin’
They both have advanced degrees in aloofness.
They both cruise their turf with a minimum expenditure of energy.
They both eat first and ask questions later, including bees.
They both are expert tail artists; I mean, just a little flick can mean so much, can’t it?

It’s just that clear. OK, well, there are some differences, but not many...
Trout don’t have fur, but they do both really like their exterior appearances.
Trout don’t like people; well, cats don’t either, really, they just fake it better than trout do.

And last but not least, the biggest possible deterrent to my theory; cats don’t breath in water.

The answer to this one might surprise you; because actually, they can – Why do you think you’ve always been told that cats don’t like water? Is it because they “can’t swim?”

Maybe you just didn’t look deep enough…

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