Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Hi Mom, I'm Home!

Here we are, coming up on the first anniversary of Hurricane Katrina...

And, thank God, there have been no repeat performances as yet.

Well, probably no better time to see what’s up in the world of Katrina victims, to assess how well our caring government and institutions have taken care of them.

Our friends in Ground Zero are no better off than they were, and may be worse. Many have had their trailers and relief cut off. Insurance companies continue to spend most of their energy figuring out how not to pay people whose lives and properties were destroyed. Many who would rebuild can’t, because they don’t have the money, can’t find an honest contractor unless they’re filthy rich, have land still covered with piles of debris, poisoned soil, and no jobs. New Orleans lstill looks like a fire sale after a flood. Many feel simply forgotten, now that news bites are aimed elsewhere – Even the post-hurricane follow up stories have trickled to a halt.

And what’s FEMA up to? Well, their latest revelation is this: After putting out 100,000 trailers, they’ve finally figured out that many of them are keyed alike. They figure that in a park of 500 trailers, any one key will open 10 other homes. Neat, huh? They discovered that although there are many companies that build trailers, there are only three that all those folks buy locks from… I’ve been in the trailer business – I coulda told them that… Nobody did? They’re just figuring this out a year later? Well, I’m sure that the media getting ahold of that little gem of knowledge will do nothing but good for those living in them trailers, right?

Saints preserve us…

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