Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Well, as Kenny Hill noted, “Just when you think you’ve seen it all…” kenny is a very well established, high end American guitar maker. He was contacted by a potential client who seemed knowledgeable and legitimate, and he ended up selling one of his guitars to the guy COD/Cash/Certified payment upon receipt, which as Kenny noted, isn’t that unusual in the guitar business. The guy had said the axe was for his kid, and called back a couple days later wanting another one; the last BRW model he had, in fact, and Kenny sold him that too.
See it coming? The guy’s Certified Cashier’s Checks were forgeries.
Not only that, he got two with the same scam off Howard Klepper, another fairly legendary American Luthier.

So this asshole has tens of thousands of dollars of stolen guitars.

The shithead gave his name as:
Jonathan Silk
1915 San Francisco Ave
Long Beach CA 90806.

Kenny found the real Jonathan Silk, a former UCLA Professor living in the Netherlands who had nothing to do with this.

If you’re a builder, collector, or player, be on the lookout.
Go here for Kenny’s info, and here for Howard’s.

I realize there are lots worse things that happen in the world, but stealing guitars from folks who have put so much heart and soul into a beautiful art for so long is like stealing purses from invalids; it’s wrong on a whole bunch of counts.

Dude, whoever you are, we’re looking for you, the word is out – We will find you, and then you’re gonna learn a thing or two…

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