Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Why Should I Care?

Yep, it’s true; in a major leap of serendipity, it turns out that Oingo Boingo had the appropriate answer to the hue and cry of American business and politics: Why should I care? Let’s look at the stuff they’re shoveling piece by piece, shall we?

1. We’re losing jobs during this economic downturn: Yeah? Well, fact is, you bastards have shown in a myriad of ways that you have no qualms about killing jobs, careers, and lives off with relative abandon in the best of times, so why should we listen to you now? You have used all your powers to get out of paying pensions and retirements, altered employee classifications and hours so that they are not eligible for benefits, and generally found every way possible to fuck the worker in every way possible. And our government has set you up and supported you all along – So why should I care?

2. Wall Street is in a panic and investors are scared to engage: So the fuck what? It has been posited that a seminal cause to the crash of ’29 was the fact that the stock market had little to do with business and industry; Wall Street reflected itself and its owners, and not much else. Does that sound familiar? Does anything they have or do give you real stability? Have you been protected and cared for when they’ve had problems in the past? Who lost all their savings and investments, you or Carl Icahn? Why should I care?

3. American businesses are suffering from our situation: Excuse me? American people are suffering from our situation; you assholes aren’t! CEO’s and billionaires are like Major League Baseball Managers; fired today, resurrected tomorrow in somebody else’s uniform and still making good money. Why should I care?

4. The rest of the world depends on American strength and prosperity: Say what? What are you smokin’? The rest of the world hates our business and political elements with a passion bordering on fanaticism. This administration and our business community has done more damage to America’s reputation and ability to functionally interact in the world than any other in history; these two factions walked hand in hand down the aisle smiling along the way. Why should I care?

All in all, I see this stuff as a necessary and good correction to the intense craziness created and fostered by factions of our society with whom I have nothing in common and not a care in the world for. Housing bubbles, stock rushes, consolidation, failure, yadda, yadda, yadda… These bastards care not a lick for humanity or humankind. Their aim is not our wellbeing, national or international stability, or the fair and just machinations of business and politics: Their aim is to stuff the pockets of themselves and their ilk; nothing more and nothing less. I could not care less what happens to them.

May nature, fate, and the natural course of things grind them all to dust.

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